Mercedes AMG – GT – Your favorite sports car

 The double door and 2 seat coupe specification of the Mercedes AMG–GT is a fabulous attraction on the road. You can easily find positive response from a wide range of car lovers. The sportier look that is provided by the Mercedes AMG is the main attraction and can be used by various age groups.

This car ha got numerous numbers of modifications and technical changes from the previous versions. The performance of this car is amazing and you will experience it soon you take a fantastic ride. The car is already available in the auto market and is perfect response from various aspects.

Power capacity

The new Mercedes AMG–GT version can be properly reviewed under parameters.  The price of such a car is worthless as you can get both world class comforts with a sportier look fantastic car. The powerful engine of the all new Mercedes AMG –GT can provide 456 horse powers along with a good amount of torque. The torque produced by the engine is around 443 lb-ft.


The design of the Mercedes AMG–GT was kept bit similar as compared to that of the SLS AMG.  The bodywork that is provided to the car is really mind blowing and it thus provides a sleek look.  The slim windscreen and large hood are some of the attractive features.

The lead designer of this car was well renowned and who take the entire credit for modeling the entire car. Interior of the car is designed by another designer, who has used proper combination of leather as well as carbon polymers.


The entire body of the Mercedes AMG–GT is made up of aluminum that counts to around 93%.  The front part of the module base is made up of magnesium. If you are not satisfied with the original look of the car’s wheel, then UsaRim offers AMG replacement wheels to give a superior look.

The car is fitted with front mid engine, space-frame chassis, aluminum alloys, double wishbones and many more.  The twin turbo engine of the car is of 4.0L and produces the high power. The dry sump lubrication is also one of the best features.

The Mercedes AMG–GT can reach the top speed of 304km/hr that is clearly indicated in the speedometer.  You have to just enjoy the car and extract the best benefit from it.

The extra cautious level of comfort will provide satisfaction for the money paid.  Just have a nice drive with the dashboard options that are quite latest in the market.